Why Soft Water?

Why Soft Water?

Why should I consider soft water?
If you live in Florida, there is no doubt…you have hard water. Our water is classified as “Very Hard Water” containing 10.5+ grains per gallon of impurities through random tests performed by the Water Quality Association. While only a water test from your faucet will show the exact levels in your water system, if you have a Florida home or business, you will likely benefit from a water softening system.

The effects of hard water:

Your Appliances
Scale buildup can cripple your water heater, washer, and dishwasher, and clog your hot water pipes, faucets and shower heads. Scale forms when hard water is heated– minerals are released and re-form on hard surfaces. Scale is likely the costliest result of hard water.

In the Laundry
Hard water reacts with soaps and detergents, forming “soap curd” that makes clothes look dingy and reduces the life of the fabric. You use more detergent and softeners with hard water.

In the Kitchen
Hard water leaves spots on your dishes and glassware and scale on your pots and appliances.

In the Bath
Soap scum in the bathtub and shower is caused by hard water’s reaction with soap and cleaners.

On your Car
Hard water spots the windows and paint of your automobile, and can leave a dulling soap film.

What if my water smells or tastes funny?

You may have other issues with your water, such as an unpleasant smell, or taste. These problems are usually caused by high levels of hydrogen sulfate, chlorine or other minerals in your water, or possibly a buildup of algae or mold in your system.

We will perform a water test to confirm the cause and specify the proper water conditioning system to make your water sparkling clean and odor free.