Water Softening Systems...good for you, your home, and your business

When you purchase a water conditioning systems from Clearwater Softeners, you're assured of a top quality system that will deliver quality, convenience, simplicity, and high performance. We start with a complete evaluation of your water and your usage requirements to guarantee you'll get the best, most efficient model for your needs.

Over time, your water conditioning system will pay for itself by adding years of life to your major appliances, protecting your water system from scale buildup that can create plumbing problems and expensive repairs, and saving money on detergents and cleaners.

Tanks and Cabinets to suit your lifestyle

Tanks and cabinets are available in a variety of colors and styles:

  • Color coordinated processing tanks
  • Square-style salt tanks
  • All-in-one cabinet models

Metered Valves for high efficiency operation

All our systems are equipped with metered valves that ensure top efficiency and reduced salt usage, because regeneration of the softener resin is based on water consumption.

Reliable hydraulic water flow controls

Water flow regulation is precisely controlled a hydraulically-balanced, teflon-coated brass piston- the only moving part in the internal system. This simple and effective design means reliable operation and performance from your conditioning system.

Did you know?

Conditioned water delivers greater washing power than hard water, and soft water can reduce soap requirements up to 70%– while protecting your washing machine and dishwasher at the same time!

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