E-Treat No-Salt Water Conditioners

We are proud to bring you the latest in water conditioning technology, the E-Treat No-Salt water conditioner. E-Treat offers several advantages when compared to conventional water conditioners:

  • No salt is required
  • No backwash to rinse and refresh the ion exchange resin is needed
  • No electricity is needed
  • Single tank (no salt reservoir) saves space
  • Lower water usage- no resin to rinse and regenerate

Unique 2 stage conditioning system

The E-Treat tank-in-tank design is automatic and runs on water pressure, so it needs no electricity.

  1. Water enters the outer tank and flows downward through granular activated carbon for initial purification.
  2. Water flows upward into the inner tank where the patented Scale-Net media transforms calcium ions into calcium crystals. These crystals are stable, and will NOT attach to pipes, surfaces, hardware, or heat exchanger components. They are simply rinsed away with the water flow!

E-Treat combines two technologies in one compact system that will provide great tasting water with less scale to every tap in your home or business

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